February 11th Radio Tour

Below is a list of all of the radio interviews I will doing on Feb 11:

Thursday, February 11 (all times Eastern Standard Time)
7:10-7:19 am
WATD-FM Radio Interview
Boston, Massachusetts

7:40-7:49 am
WJCW-AM Radio Interview
Tri-Cities, Tennessee

7:50-7:59 am
WICH-AM Radio Interview
Norwich, Connecticut

8:10-8:19 am
KXYL-FM Radio Interview
Brownwood, Texas

8:20-8:29 am
WLNA-AM Radio Interview
Hudson Valley, New York

8:40-8:59 am
WOCA-AM Radio Interview
Ocala, Florida

9:10-9:20 am
WMJI-FM Radio Interview
Cleveland, Ohio

9:20-9:29 am
WBAL-AM Radio Interview
Baltimore, Maryland

9:30-9:39 am
KCMN-AM Radio Interview
Colorado Springs, Colorado

9:40-9:49 am
WSAT-AM Radio Interview
Charlotte, North Carolina

9:50-9:59 am
WDIS-AM Radio Interview
Boston, Massachusetts

10:10-10:19 am
KBEM-FM Radio Interview
Minneapolis, Minnesota

10:20-10:29 am
WAMV-AM Radio Interview
Lynchburg, VA

11:05-11:14 am
WCBS-AM Radio Interview
New York, New York

11:20-11:44 am
WMOV-AM Radio Interview
Mid-Ohio Valley

12:00-12:09 pm
WQUB-FM Radio Interview
Regional Illinois

1:00-1:09 pm
WSIU-FM Radio Interview
Regional Illinios

2:00-2:09 pm
Thom Hartmann Show Radio Interview
Syndicated Nationally

3:15-3:19 pm
CBS Radio Interview
Syndicated Nationally

7:15-7:34 pm
KNEWS-AM Radio Interview
Palm Springs, Florida

About admin

Jim Frederick is a writer and journalist based in New York City. A contributing editor at TIME magazine, his latest book is Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent Into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death (Harmony Books, Feb. 2010).
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